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Blackbelt Slings

Black Belt Slings

Black Belt Slings
Our product range include Ferreterro round endless & eye to eye slings, manufactured by using HMPE yarn made by DSM Dyneema® in higher capacities up to 500 M Ton. These slings have top most degree of perfection. These are suitable to specialized extreme heavy lifting requirements. These slings are available in Round Endless, Eye and Eye type and TWIN Sling type.

Dyneema® floats; it is highest super fiber around. Thanks to its low density suited for floating ropes and innovative, lighter- than- air structure

Dyneema ® the world’s strongest fiber is the 15 times stronger than steel fiber of same weight. Tenacity ranging from 2.7 to 4 N/tex.

Because of its low elasticity, anglers feel the slightest nibble at the end of their lines. They can respond instantly for the better action and powerful hook sets. E= Up to 140 N/tex.

Cut Resitance
The cut resistance properties of Dyneema® make it suitable for use not only in protective clothing like gloves and skin guard, but also in a wide range of industrial application like lifting slings.

Abrasion Resistance
UHMWPE boasts a very high abrasion resistance. Dyneema® combines this property with its other unique aspects to create the most enduring ropes around. 2.5 to 8 times lower dry abrasion and 1.5 to 40 times lower wet abrasion than all other fibers

 Impact Resistance
The tremendous amount of energy that Dyneema® can absorb means it is ideal for use in composites that require high impact-resistance. Twice as much energy required for penetration as in comparable Aramid construction

Low Thermal Expansion
The thermal expansion of Dyneema® coefficient is both very low and negative, which means that Dyneema® is stable during extreme temperature fluctuations (as in a cooling container, where there is a wide differential between inside and outside temperatures).

Thermal expansion coefficient: -12 10-6 per K
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