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Ferretexx Anti-cut Dyneema Sleeves

Ferretexx Anti- Cut/ Dyneema Sleeves

Ferretexx Anti- Cut/ Dyneema Sleeves
Ferretexx is Extreme condition polyurethane sleeve to lift almost anything. Ultra sharp edges are now easiest job for synthetic slings. Available for both Round sling and Flat Webbing Slings for load up to 300 Ton. These sleeves stick to the job and are extremely cut resistant to be used for super sharp cut jobs. These are ideal for Steel coils, sheets or any other object having very sharp edges. It enhances the life of polyester slings.

Ferretexx available in square, round or square with round edges type sleeves which are movable on the slings. FERRETEXX is also available in permanent coating type layer on slings in low, medium & high variable coatings according to client’s specific requirements.

Ferreterro make Anti-cut Sleeves of HMPE yarn by DSM DYNEEMA® are smooth yet the most robust anti-cut sleeves. Made of super strong HMPE fibers these sleeves are ideal for lifting of object with ultra sharp edges. These sleeves also available in different shapes and sizes as per customized requirement in movable hose like, Velcro type or stitched with other anti-abrasive sleeves.


Anti-Cut Dynaflex/PU Blended Sleeves

Anti-Cut Dynaflex/PU Blended Sleeves
Polyurethane Blended type sleeves are available up to 30 ton capacity slings. These sleeves have clear construction to see damages to slings. Sleeves have side stitched with triple AA on stitches for extra long life. Available for both round & flat webbing slings. Polyurethane blended sleeves are ideal for silted coil lifting.

Dynaflexx Sleeves are Anti-cut Polyurethane blended sheet sandwiched in Abrasive resistant sleeves for extremely heavy duty applications where both anti-cut and anti-abrasive properties are required. These are made at high temperature to maintain properties. DYNAFLEXX sleeves are available in loop design slips on and Velcro type. These sleeves can be movable, one sided or both sided on slings or fixed with stitched on sleeves. DYNAFLEXX are the proven slings to lift sharp edges objects with enhance safety and life of slings.
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