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Multi Leg Polyester Slings

Multi Leg Polyester Slings

Multi Leg Polyester Slings
Polyester webbing slings, multi leg polyester slings are made of using either flat webbing slings straps or endless type round slings as per specific requirements depending upon uses and safe working loads. A set of polyester flat webbing slings, multi leg polyester slings includes master link, auxiliary links and different end fittings like eye hooks, swivel hooks, D-shackles or Bow- shackles as per required. All these fittings are made of quenched and tempered alloy steel grade-80 material. Flat slings are stitched directly to the metal ring while endless round slings are attached with connecting links.
Anti-abrasive and Anti-cutting protection sleeves can be fitted as per specific requirements.
Features :
M= Mode factor
Multi leg sling capacityat 90°

Item code Width Colour 2 Leg sling 3 Leg sling 4 Leg sling

Ton Ton Ton
LMLD-1 25 Violet 1.4 2.1 2.8
LMLD-2 50 Green 2.8 4.2 5.6
LMLD-3 75 Yellow 4.2 6.3 8.4
LMLD-4 100 Grey 5.6 8.4 11.2
LMLD-5 125 Red 7.0 10.5 14.0
LMLD-6 150 Brown 8.4 12.6 16.8
LMLD-8 200 Blue 11.2 16.8 22.4
LMLD-10 250 Orange 14.0 21.0 28.0
LMLD-12 300 Orange 16.8 25.2 33.6
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