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Plate Lifting Clamps

Horizontal/Vertical Plate Lift Clamps/Pipe Clamps

Horizontal/Vertical Plate Lift Clamps/Pipe Clamps
Vertical plate lifting clamps (DSQ TYPE)
Vertical plate lifting clamps are made of high-tensile steel, excellent in hardness and strength. These clamps have hardened steel jaws for grip. These are used for lifting, handling steel sheets, plates etc in vertical position. These clamps are widely being used in various industries. Main advantages of these vertical plate lifting clamps are:-

• Very easy to operate
• Substantially cost saving and reduce the working time
• Increased working safety
• Increased work efficiency
• Available in capacity range WLL 1 Ton to 10 Ton


WLL (Ton)

Steel Plate Thickness Opening Approx. Weight (Kg)
1 0 – 16 mm 0 - 20 mm 2
2 0 – 22 mm 0 – 25 mm 8
3 5 – 30 mm 0 – 25 mm 15
5 16 – 50 mm 0 – 30 mm 21
10 40 – 80 mm 0 – 45 mm 34

Vertical plate lifting clamps (chain type)
Check the capacity of clamp. Right type of chain sling should be used with proper length and size. Load should be lifted at centre of gravity and ensure that plate or sheet inserted up to full depth. if the plate is longer than one meter in length then lift at two points and if it is hard to locate the centre of gravity lift the load at 3-4 points.Check the plate lift clamp before every use for the flaws or distortion/damages

WLL (Ton
Plate Admit Throat Depth Body Dia Cam Dia Approx. Weight
1 0 – 28 mm 105 mm 12 mm 16 mm 9 Kg
2 0 – 28 mm 105 mm 16 mm 16 mm 12 Kg
3 0 - 45 mm 130 mm 19 mm 19 mm 22 Kg
5 16 – 50 mm 130 mm 25 mm 25 mm 35 Kg
10 0 - 80 mm 185 mm 28 mm 32 mm 85 Kg

1. Discard if the obvious flaw or distortion is found in the main body
2. When clearance between bolt and hole exceeds 1 mm
3. Deflection of cam or shackle becomes excessive

These horizontal plate lifting clamps are used in pairs and are ideal for moving plates/sheets material in horizontal position. The grip of the clamp is made cut of hardened steel to prevent the clamp from slipping off the load. Horizontal plate lifting clamps firmly grasps plates so that it can be lifted in the horizontal position. Jaw of the clamps can be supplied with serrated teeth or smooth finish as per specific requirement. We have both indigenous designed horizontal clamps as well as imported DHQ type horizontal clamp.
Pipe lifting clamps, hooks are designed for efficient and easy handling of steel pipes. These pipe lifting clamps are available with /without rubber coating. Teflon pads are provided to protect the edges of pipe from damage.
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