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Scrambling Nets

Helideck Nets/ Gangway/ Scrambling Nets

Helideck Nets/ Gangway/ Scrambling Nets
We manufacture and supply various types of nettings like helideck nets, gangway nets, scrambling nets which are used in the marine and offshore industries, Oil Platforms, Rigs and Docks. 

Gangway Nets are used for safety of the personal while passing the gangways. Rukmani’s gangway nets are made of polypropylene ropes and fabrication of net is tucked type. 

Helideck Nets are used on the offshore helicopter landing decks, oil rigs and platforms where more friction and support is required. The purpose of these nets is to prevent the Helicopter from rolling and pitching off the helipads.

Helideck nets are generally made of tested quality polypropylene rope and fabricated in tucked style. We also manufacture manila and sisal rope helideck nets.

General specification :
Gangway NetsHelideck Nets
Border Securing Rope12 mm dia or 10 mm dia28 mm or 32 mm dia
Mesh Rope8 mm dia24 mm dia
Tie Cords12 mm or 10 mm dia28 mm or 32 mm dia
Mesh Size6” x 6” or 4” x 4”12” x 12” or 10”x 10”
Sizes of Net16 M x 4 M, 15 M x 5 M30 ft x 30 ft, 50 ft x 50 ft

We can manufacture any other type of Gangway Net as per custom specification in different Mesh & Side rope and Mesh size as well as different fabrication.

Scramble nets are made of polypropylene rope and polyamide nylon ropes of 18 mm or 20 mm dia. These nets are fabricated in tucked type with 10” x 10” mesh size. FRP cores of 50 mm outer dia with PU floats are provided at every 4 meters. One end of the net is provided with three spring hooks and Dee shackles. Nominal size of nets are 21 M x 2 M, 50 ft x 6 ft or as per specific requirement.
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